Our Septic Inspections

Septic failures are messy and expensive issues and are the single largest potential problem to potential rural property purchasers.  Because this system is so important, we have partnered with a devoted team of certified professionals to provide detailed septic inspections. 

All of our Septic Inspections are performed by certified technicians registered with AOWMA (Alberta Wastewater Management Association) and carry an Alberta PSDS licence (Private Sewage Design Specialist).

We test and provide a report on system function, including:

  • Septic tank condition, size, capacity
  • Functionality test of pumps, filters, floats & alarms
  • Drainfield and discharge flow
  • Applicable code compatibility and deficiencies
  • Diagnosis of typical failure issues
  • Recommendations for applicable necessary repairs where required

Symptoms of a failed septic system vary from surfacing effluent in the area of the disposal field, surfacing over the septic tank, strong odours, more lush grass over the disposal field and backed up plumbing and drains. If you are experiencing any symptoms of septic failure please contact us immediately for an assessment. 

Septic Inspections Edmonton