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Home inspections are regulated by the Government of Alberta and require that certain components of the home be inspected.  At Xplortek Property Inspections, we utilize industry best practices and technology to ensure that we meet and exceed the requirements required by legislation.  We inspect the major core components of the home for functionality and safety, including:

  • Roofing, Flashings, Eavestrough (Gutters) and Drainage
  • Fireplaces and Chimney
  • Exterior Cladding, Windows and Doors
  • Lot and Grading
  • Walkways and Driveways
  • Decks, Balconies and Porches
  • Interior Finishes, Cabinetry and Flooring, Stairwells
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Framing Structure and Foundation
  • Attached Garages

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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection For Buyers / Agents

Buying a home can be a stressful process and having the right information about your potential purchase is of paramount importance. We recognize this and seek to make our findings clear and concise for you, so that you can be confident that you understand what your particular home purchase will need for attention right away and what to plan for down the road in years to come.  We utilize two inspectors for our inspections splitting the systems up so that your home inspection takes less time – typically 1 ½ to 2 hours in length so that you can get back to your busy day.

  • Peace Of Mind
  • Confidence In Your Purchase
  • Awareness Of Deficiencies
  • Negotiating Leverage
  • Option To Withdraw Your Offer

Pre-Sale Home Inspection For Sellers / Agents

Knowing what items might need attention as you list your home for sale has distinct advantages.  You can be aware of what items you might need to repair prior to sale, what items are reasonable for a potential buyer to address, and what things might be subject to negotiation.  Best of all, not being surprised by a major deficiency will allow you to be in control of your home sale process and maximize your profitability in the sales transaction.  This process also allows you to be fully transparent with potential buyers and encourage them to purchase your home instead of others that have not had a pre-sale inspection shared with them.

  • Identify Property Deficiencies
  • Be prepared for buyers offers
  • Establish Fair Market Price
  • Be confident in the value of your property
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New Home Inspection | Edmonton & Area New Home Construction Inspections

Many people believe that new homes do not need a home inspection prior to purchase or occupancy.  This simply is not the case.  We find many deficiencies in brand new construction due to poor workmanship or simply errors during the busy construction process.  Often, these oversights can be easily addressed so that a major problem does not occur either in the short or long term.  We enjoy the collaborative process of partnering with your builder to ensure that you are receiving the quality home that you expect.

  • Confidence in your purchase
  • Professional Identification Of Deficiencies
  • Condition Of Sale Option

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Pre-Warranty Expiration Home Inspection

In new homes, that first year of occupancy is critical in the health of a dwelling.  Oftentimes, if there is a new construction deficiency or a system set-up problem, that issue will manifest itself in the first year of use.  We can find these issues for you so that you can clearly communicate with your builder what might need attention or repair under your new home warranty policy.  Understanding what is normal wear and tear, and what is a construction deficiency is important so that you may get preliminary issues rectified quickly and safely.

  • Professional Identification Of Deficiencies
  • Use Your Warranty Coverage Before Expiration
  • Protect Your Property Value


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Edmonton Home Inspection FAQs

How much does a property inspection cost?

Our base rate for property inspections vary between $250 for a simple apartment condo to $700 for a large home.  Property Inspections will vary depending on the size of the home or building being inspected as well as the building type.  We offer a variety of additional value-added services beyond our base standard inspection. For example, on any older home we encourage you to perform a sewer scope at the same time of your inspection.

Do I have to sign anything?

Your inspection contract is issued to you electronically at the time of booking for your signature, and is legally required in advance of us performing work for your protection.

When do I receive my report?

We summarize our findings right at the end of your inspection. Your report is compiled the same day of your inspection, frequently delivered within an hour of the completion of your job.

Can I walk along with the inspector during the inspection?

 We do encourage you to ask any key area of concern at the beginning of the inspection as we give our orientation to the work we intend to provide.  We then give you the opportunity to check out the house again independently while we complete the inspection ourselves, fully documenting and focusing on the work at hand.  We will then run through the key components of our inspection findings at the end of the inspection, and orient you to the key systems of the home and their function.

Is there a charge for cancellations?

We understand that buying a home can be a rapidly changing process, which is why we suggest working with a realtor with your needs at heart and a mortgage broker who has ensured that you are pre-approved for the home you are looking to buy. In this way you will not need to cancel your inspection last-minute due to financing challenges.  It is for this reason that we only charge a 50% fee for cancellations made a mere 24 hours in advance of your booking.  We respect the value of your time and expect the same in return.

How much does a property inspection cost?

Property Inspections will vary depending on the size of the home or building being inspected, as well as the building type, and any non-standard inspections required. See our Edmonton home inspection pricing here.

How long does a property inspection take?

Xplortek property inspections typically take a few hours. We use two inspectors for our property inspectors, ensuring two professional inspectors view your subject property, and that your inspection will be complete d in a timely manner, and available on-line shortly after completion.

What is included in a home inspection in Alberta?

A standard home inspection in Alberta will include over 100 items that are examined, including the building’s interior, exterior, heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing systems, and more. See an expanded list of home inspection criteria here.

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